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Climbing the Ladder: Employee Promotions at Media World

June 16, 2023

At Media World, while we measure your success with OOH media impressions and campaign reach, we measure ours by the growth and development of its employees. 


As a company that prides itself on nurturing talent, Media World constantly strives to encourage its staff to scale new heights, personally and professionally. We’re delighted to announce that over the course of 2023, we’ve had five employees who have successfully climbed the ladder with their sheer hard work and innovative approach. 


Vipin Joseph went from Sales Director to Chief Sales Officer. His creative approach to sales strategies has led us to new heights, exceeding our targets and achieving record-breaking sales figures.

Our new Sales Director is Shahad Hashim, who was formerly our Associate Sales Director. An enthusiastic individual, keen on continuously learning and developing her skills, we are sure Shahad will outdo herself in her new role.

Filling Shahad’s shoes is Diana Talaat, a star employee and an individual with immense potential. Diana, previously our Account Manager, has taken a step up in her career and continues to pave her way to growth.

Althea Andiam, previously Media World’s Senior Operations Coordinator, has gone on to become the Assistant Operations Manager. Althea is a team player who with her collaborative attitude proves to be an asset to the company.

Our Finance Manager, Jaikishan Lalwani, has been promoted to the position of Finance Director. A number cruncher by profession and a dedicated employee by nature, Jaikishan plays a significant role in Media World’s success.


Zainab is a creative and flexible executive with one year of admin experience in a well-known Dubai real-estate company. She graduated in 2022 from the American University in the Emirates, Dubai obtaining a Bachelor’s Degree in Media & Mass Communication – Public Relations.

Ibrahim brings with him an experience that spanned a few countries in MENA and the GCC from Commercial Banking to Investments, Research, Healthcare and Contracting. In addition to his entrepreneurial experience with start-ups, he was involved firsthand in transformational and strategy implementation projects. Ibrahim has a bachelor degree in finance and banking from Yarmouk University in Jordan and an MBA in Finance from the University of Bridgeport in Connecticut USA.

Performance-driven leader specialising in business operations, who excels in improving executive management by navigating through balancing priorities and maximising effectiveness of day-to-day processes related to human resources, communication, and financial coordination across all hierarchical levels of the organisation.

Entrepreneurial-minded with unparallel work ethics and exceptional problem solving skills, instilled during her 9 years of service as Police Officer in Italy.

18 years of practical experience in UAE, attending before many courts and authorities, write many memos, regulations in various legal fields, write various civil, commercial, and corporate contracts. Attend many Board Meetings and General assembly Meeting for different companies, write a lot of the minutes of the meetings. Obtain three courses in international commercial arbitration.

Creative, driven and flexible Sr. Graphic Designer with over 13 years of experience in delivering creative and innovative design solutions. A proven ability of developing projects appropriate and delivered within agreed timescales. Able to work as part of a team with printers, copywriters, photographers, other designers, account executives, web developers and marketing specialists.

Shafnaa Shamsuddin, a seasoned professional and former General Manager of a leading Outdoor Advertising Company, boasts a track record of transforming startups into multi-million revenue entities. Her adept negotiation skills resulted in prestigious deals with renowned brands, financial institutions, and agencies. Beyond media, she is a passionate angel investor (Venture Divaa), a crypto mining facility owner in Dubai, and an advocate for crypto education. As a Qualified Accountant with over 10 years of experience, Shafnaa excels in risk analysis and financial management, driving strategic growth. Her cross-cultural competency and in-depth understanding of local markets make her a valuable asset for new ventures. Shafnaa is poised to bring her extensive experience and drive for excellence to contribute to the success of any undertaking, demonstrating a readiness to tackle new challenges and make a meaningful impact.


As our team members take big strides and scale up to leadership positions, we at Media World are proud and glad to be a part of their journey. We have always believed in a culture that boosts employee morale and fosters a healthy team spirit, and shall continue to do so.

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